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    • Rockets and Wallopers November 6, 2014
      "Dave, do you like films about gladiators?" The boy McGill returns to Team Thumbcast, which reviews of Interstellar, The House of Him, Automata and the beginning of the end for Doctor Who. We've also got chat about Marvel's phase three films, Scotland's space programme, SyFy's adaptation of 3001, the WWE Network's monumenta […]
    • Stranger Danger Will Robinson October 23, 2014
      “The days when any old shit could get made as a Dr Who CD!" The Thumbcast enters middle age with guest presenter Neil Perryman joining Iain in the pod to talk about his critically acclaimed Doctor Who and Blake's Seven blogs and book, along with his take on the new series of the show so far. We also look at the DC Cinematic Universe line-up, the su […]
    • Dim Stopio September 26, 2014
      Bore da a chroeso i Thumbcast , gwrandäwr ffyddlon! Yes, we're in Torchwood country as Iain and Aaron take a look at Gotham, Lucy, Doctor Who and the return of Agents of Shield.    We're also joined by author and former SFX Magazine chief Dave Golder to talk about his bold charity fundraising project for Alzheimers - plus we've Batman's s […]