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Shiny shiny bright new wormhole in my heart


It’s all George Lucas’ fault, of course, as most things are. Once he decided that going back and changing things in the name of updating a project for modern eyes wasn’t just acceptable but indeed vital, it became de rigeur to make tweaks, trims and CGI replacements to movies that were perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Episode 26: The Very Hungry Human Centipede


“He can fit it right up into his fortress of solitude!” Yes, we’re back! Series three of the Thumbcast kicks off in the same old manner – with more offensive gags, rants, swearing… Continue reading


    • #jesuisparlabane January 19, 2015
      The Thumbcast kicks off 2015 with our Christopher Brookmyre special as, ahead of the launch of the new Jack Parlabane novel, we've an exclusive chat with the man himself - talking football fanzines, the Leveson Inquiry, video games and the return of Scotland's most notorious fictional journalist. We've also got a review of the new book, Dead G […]
    • Now That's What I Call The Greatest Thumbcast Album In The World Ever. Two. December 31, 2014
      Let's have another crack at this, shall we.  Sorry folks if you downloaded the first version of this - as you may have spotted, it was a right pigs ear, thanks to being uploaded on a connection that barely merited the word internet.   A little New Year treat from Thumbcast Towers to you lovely people.  We've put together some more of our favourite […]
    • Have Yourself A Thumbcast Little Christmas December 16, 2014
      So what is the secret to Life, the Universe and Everything?  Why, it’s episode 42!   Yes, it's the Christmas Thumbcast, with the perfect recipe for disaster - leaks, turkeys, crackers, trifles and plenty of boos...   But most importantly the Thumbcast 2014 Awards are revealed.  Who did you pick as the best and worst of 2014?  Has a surprise been sprung […]