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No Gwyneth Paltrow’s head?: Unboxing a LootCrate


So, I bought a LootCrate. What’s a LootCrate? One of these things…

All good things


The moment has arrived when we’re going to call time on the Thumbcast.

“You’ve had this place redecorated”: Reviewing the new look Doctor Who Experience


The Doctor Who Experience, in Cardiff’s Porth Teigr and a long stone’s chuck from the shrine to poor, tragic Ianto, has been given a makeover to tie in with the arrival of Peter… Continue reading

Hail. To. The. King.


Ash is back.  On telly. ON TELLY.

British Bootcamp 2: Electric Boogaloo


It’s no real surprise that TNA Wrestling should focus its interests on this side of the pond.  The organisation determined to be professional wrestling’s most consistent number two has always enjoyed a strong… Continue reading

Bloody romance


So, those of you with long memories (or Google) might remember me mentioning the brilliant Til Death short during my review of The Devil’s Tower a wee bit back? Well, the short film… Continue reading

Unlikely moments in TV history: Part 37 – that time Jessica Fletcher got Magnum PI off a murder charge…


There’s a great game to be played with the Murder She Wrote/Magnum PI cross-over episodes, especially the former’s instalment – Magnum On Ice.  Which sadly doesn’t feature them performing a variety of tricks… Continue reading

Who dares wins


Sounds like people are a bit nonplussed at their first glimpse of Charlie Cox as Marvel’s Man Without Fear, which sneaked out this weekend.

Exclusive: The horror film banned from Scottish cinemas because of #indyref


The makers of a critically acclaimed new horror film set in Scotland have revealed cinemas have refused to show the movie until after this week’s independence referendum – in case it influences voters.… Continue reading

Review: Devil’s Tower – Grimmfest 2014


Low budget filmmaking can result in some strange bedfellows. Budgets and availability can mean the most unlikely of pairings making up a cast. Although I can’t imagine many British horror flicks boasting quite… Continue reading

Watch the missing Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood scene


You’re probably well aware of two newsy things about this week’s episode of Doctor Who.  One is that it was leaked as part of the ‘Where in time is Marcelo Camargo’ fiasco a… Continue reading

It’s Grimm Up North: 2014 Grimmfest line-up revealed


The line-up for this year’s Grimmfest horror film weekend in Manchester has been announced, following the confirmation of a couple of impressive warm-ups later this month.  And there’s a distinctly Scottish flavour.  Probably quite apt given… Continue reading


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