Collectormania Glasgow: Fear and Loathing at Braehead


Braehead Arena is an odd place.

A 6000 seat stadium slap bang in the middle of a slightly run-down shopping centre on the outskirts of Glasgow. Getting to it means schlepping out of town and trudging through an empty mall on a Sunday morning.

The only people around are security and shambling hoards of cosplayers and geeks, swigging from Irn Bru to shift their hangovers or excitedly bouncing and chattering like machine guns at their weary looking parents. Continue reading

Is Outlander worth watching? Brigadontbother

Outlander - Jamie and Claire

There’s been a remarkable amount of talk in the Scottish media of late, lamenting that Outlander – the show it has been desperately pegging as the new Game of Thrones and a much needed kick-starter project for the nation’s film industry – has yet to find a UK broadcaster.

Now, by the time you read this, that situation may well have been resolved. We can take bets on exactly where it’ll end up. Sky Living, perhaps. SyFy. Given the amount of untranslated Gaelic in it, Alba might even be a home for it, if they can find a slot between football matches and repeats of Speaking Our Language.

The latest theory doing the rounds from a press desperate to avoid performing a public reverse ferret is that broadcasters have been afraid to pick the show up while the debate over Scotland’s future is played out, with the impending referendum leaving unionist-minded companies worried about showing new Scottish-themed series lest it sway the vote and lead a braveheart revolt.

Of course, there could be a much simpler reason than politics. It could just be that the show’s unwatchably shit. Continue reading