Episode 29: Three Colours Phlegm

“Tie me down with wet liquorice”

It’s Episode 29, and Craig has lurched out of his sickbed to the studio for our last show before the big 30.

This time out, we reviewing Contagion, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Batman: Arkham City and the second series of The Walking Dead.

There’s also chat about DaVinci’s Demons, Mark Millar‘s film night, Perfect Sense – and our very special Zombie exclusive on the website.

And we seal the door to the Vault – will Babylon 5 be locked in or will it get the hell out of our galaxy?

Plus: Craig’s Superman T-shirt story, Penelope Cruz’ shopping list, the Emperor’s New Television Programme, Peter Mullen’s baldy pal, apocalypse porn, McGill Metaphor Bingo, Jason Statham’s Penguin, Chris Claremont’s Thumbcast, 3D Jar Jar Binks, how Tintin would fare in a real newsroom, and lots of wanking…

So how can you listen to this modern marvel? By hitting the big juicy play button below

Episode 29 - Three Colours Phlegm (October 2011) by The Thumbcast on Mixcloud